Empowering Mountain Athletes for Outdoor Adventure

Mike and Corey smiling

Corey Reed

Director of Human Performance

Corey Reed pictured with his dog

Founded by mountain athlete and human performance coach Corey Reed, Mountain Wellness was born from a passion for mountain pursuits and human performance. Due to the challenges and obstacles he has been forced to overcome, Corey has a deep understanding of what the mind, body, and human spirit are capable of. In his early 20s, he was in a Traumatic car accident that left him totally blind and a below-the-knee amputee.

With every ounce of normalcy ripped away from him, Corey not only overcame his challenges, but he also used his experience as an opportunity to grow. Against all odds, Corey was back on a snowboard only 1 year after his accident, developing a system with his coach that allowed him to snowboard completely blind and with a prosthetic leg, earning him an opportunity to be a member of the US snowboard team. Although Corey‘s competitive snowboard career was short-lived due to an injury while training, he discovered a new passion: strength and conditioning. In 2012, Corey set a world Record as the first adaptive athlete to compete in an able-bodied CrossFit competition as a part of the CrossFit Los Angeles team and went on to compete as a sponsored fitness and outdoor adventure athlete.

As a licensed massage therapist, Breathwork practitioner, nutritionist, and aligned with some of the most elite coaches and practitioners in human performance, Corey shares his knowledge and experience with anyone eager to learn and become the best versions of themselves.


Mike Maina

Multi-Media Director

Mike Maina pictured while backpacking

I was around 14 years old when I took my first 50-mile backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada as a part of Scouting. The Sierra High Country has always captivated me, and I have been returning to it ever since.

When Corey Reed first talked about Mountain Wellness, I related to it immediately. The mountains are a natural connection for me. I go there to find balance. I’ve worked as a television music composer for the past 20 years but always coupled it with a passion for multimedia.

Related to Mountain Wellness, I am responsible for video production, podcasting, and photography. Anything multimedia related really. I balance that work with backcountry trips and trail running in the mountains. See you out there!