Located in Helena, Montana on the Rocky Mountain Front, the Mountain Wellness Recovery Den services include Massage Therapy as well as Health and Performance Coaching. Conveniently book with us online 24/7 or call the Recovery Den at (406) 475-2917 to schedule your appointment today.

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Pain management, sports injury, and recovery.

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George Dallam PhD - Breathing for High Performance

Mike and Corey talk high performance breathwork with Dr. George Dallam PhD.


Rose Grant - XC Pro Mountain Biker and 2021 Leadville 100 Champion

Rose Grant, defending champion and winner of the 2021 Leadville 100 Mountain bike race, sits down with us  just before the race and takes us inside her intense training and high risk strategies to dominate the sport. 


Kurt Wedberg Mountaineer Founder of Sierra Mountain International Inc.

Kurt founded Sierra Mountaineering International, Inc.(Link) in the fall of 1995 after returning from his first of three successful expeditions to Mt. Everest.


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Empowering Mountain Athletes for Outdoor Adventure


As a Mountain Athlete in training it is of great value meeting with Corey to feel healing, encouragement and motivation to keep climbing and to keep going. His approach to wholeness is inspiring and his
knowingness of the body is next level . He truly has healing hands.

Michael E.

Corey doesn't give "massages" as most think of them. He's a very talented body worker, and equal that as a person. I had grown desperate in my hopes of
"getting my body back." I was suffering years of injuries and
compound scenarios of muscle compensation. I simply wasn't able to rehab. I was a mess and I thought I was facing the end of my ability to use my body at any high level of athletic ability. I had lost strength, flexibility, the ability to heal from injury, and definitely stamina. He asked me to commit to 4 - 1.5 hour sessions. I agreed. I am beyond thankful, I'm blown away. I have my body back, and I know that I am going to gain so much of what I had lost. He is very talented, and you need to go to him, and you need to listen to him. Don't wait - make an appointment.

Grant B.

The Mountain Wellness podcast has been an important part of my workout transformation, from keeping me entertained during long runs, motivated during tough workouts, to insanely helpful information to push my health and nutrition to the next level. Corey and Mike have an amazing connection that makes the podcast easy and entertaining to listen to!

Kelby G.