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At Mountain Wellness, we stand at the intersection of exhilarating mountain
adventures and the limitless potential of human performance. Our brand embodies
the spirit of exploration, guiding individuals to start a journey towards self
discovery and personal growth.

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George Dallam PhD - Breathing for High Performance

Mike and Corey talk high performance breathwork with Dr. George Dallam PhD.


Rose Grant - XC Pro Mountain Biker and 2021 Leadville 100 Champion

Rose Grant, defending champion and winner of the 2021 Leadville 100 Mountain bike race, sits down with us  just before the race and takes us inside her intense training and high risk strategies to dominate the sport. 


Kurt Wedberg Mountaineer Founder of Sierra Mountain International Inc.

Kurt founded Sierra Mountaineering International, Inc.(Link) in the fall of 1995 after returning from his first of three successful expeditions to Mt. Everest.


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Empowering Mountain Athletes for Outdoor Adventure


“Corey Reed has been an amazing massage therapist not only for me but for my
patients that I refer to him. I enjoy trail running, backpacking, skiing and many other
outdoor activities. Corey has helped me continue these activities at my highest ability
through the bodywork and respiratory performance that he provides. I have not met a
massage therapist so in tune with what their patients need.”

- Jenelle Day (PT)
Peak Physical Therapy

“When I first came to Corey I was a hard-core mouth breather. Through
some basic hands-on with Corey, it quickly became apparent that nasal
breathing not only helps with performance it also just feels better inday-to-day activities. Last summer running the same trail both nasal and
mouth breathing there was a huge difference in heart rate, breathing
rates, and how I felt at the end of the 6 miles of trails. I’m a numbers guy
and where a heart rate no other during most workouts. My average heart
rate went down, my perceived effort went down, as well as my peak heart
rate. During strenuous workouts, my recovery to be able to jump into the
next set is quicker and I feel ready to lift again quicker than ever before. If
you’re looking to up your game or just feel better give it a try!”

- Kelby G